Friday, January 7, 2011

The week of Christmas

The week before Christmas the kids like to put Ginger Bread houses together and make chocolate covered pretzels. I usually buy the Big Ginger bread house, but this year I thought the city was so cute and we would try that. (big mistake) It was a lot harder to do, so next year we will stick to the Big house.

This doesnt have alot to do with this post, but just thought it was cute. He is a funny boy.

We decided this year to start a new tradition at our house. The week of Christmas the kids get to open one present a night, and then the rest before we leave to go out of town. We have never had Christmas at our house because we are always traveling everywhere, and wanted to enjoy just us 4 opening presents. (and I dont have to haul them all over Texas) The kids love it too!

Carson was so excited he got some NEW boots. After he was done opening his present and ran up stairs and decided he was going to dress up as a COWBOY. He put on his flood pants and his shirt that is a little too short. ha But he still looked cute.

Faith went shopping with her friend Ashely over Christmas break and bought me and Jeff presents. I really love my robe, and got some sweat pants from Old Navy. Thanks Faith

Faith decided she had out grown her DS and wrapped it and all the games up and gave them to her brother. He was excited to have his own DS.

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