Monday, April 11, 2011

Faith's 11th Birthday

Faith turned the BIG 11 this year.  For her Birthday she wanted a slumber party.(Agghhhh)  But I decided to go with it and we invited 10 lovely little girls to the party.  Thankfully my parents and my friend Geri were planning on staying the night too. (I needed all the help I could get)  We had Pizza, Ice Cream bar, opened presents, girls ran wild in the hood, played Wii and watched movies.  There were a few fights  (girls are so dramatic),  and we had to go upstairs and regulate a couple times, but other than that it was good and the girls had fun. (probably won't do it again) ha

Faith got a lot of gift cards and money, which is perfect for her age.  Because she loves to shop now!

The girls playing the just dance.

Carson wanting to fit in with the girls, and recording on his IPOD. haha  

Me and Geri working our tails off