Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Eve 2011

Happy New Year! I am only 10 days late. woohooo Anyways, we don't do anything big for New Years Eve, just hang out, have some drinks and watch the ball drop. This year we invited our neighbors over and Geri came to town. We ate some yummy food (I cant quit thinking about that Buffalo dip now, well I better since Im on a diet). I had bought Apple to Apples and we tried that game out. It was pretty fun. (I think) haha Yeah it was. The kids ran around our house like wild animals. (i think there were 7-8 kids, good thing I was drinking or I would have been going crazy) They had a alot of fun playing Just dance on the Wii. Every year we bring in the new year by banging pots and pans on the back porch. Im sure for the ones that dont make it to mid-night, they love hearing that. Let's just say Sunday we relaxed and picked up the house. Happy New Year to all. Hope you have a great one.

My neighbors

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