Friday, January 21, 2011

My next project

A few months back I redid a dresser that I bought off Craigslist for my living room.  I  LOVE IT!  (Just in case you dont remember)


So I decided to do another one.  I have been wanting a dresser thingy for my bedroom.  (My kids take up 3 of my drawers and I want my space back)  I have free space in front of my window in my room, so I think that will be the perfect spot.  When I was at my parents house  Christmas I remembered my mom had a an OLD YELLOW dresser in the spare room.  She didnt really use it for anything but JUNK.  So I mentioned if she ever wanted to get rid of it, I wanted it.  A few weeks passed and guess what was delivered to me.  Yup old yeller.  I have started sanding it, but its going to be a lot of work.  I think there is atleast 6 coats of bright yellow paint on it.  I have a vision in my head what I want it to look like, so lets hope we (I say WE b/c my dear hubby helps) can do it!  Here is a picture of Old Yeller before.  Stay tuned for the after pics later.                                                       

Nice Knobs, and guess what that drawer missing had a different one. haha  3 Different drawer knobs.

 Stay Tuned for the final work!


  1. I am so glad that you picked up blogging again!!! :)

  2. Thanks girl! Me too. I just love reading everyones stuff and just wanted to get back to doing it more.