Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a while!!

I always love to read other peoples blogs, but I am really bad at updating mine. So here is a run down of what has been going on. Maybe I can keep it better up to date.

We recently added a new addition to our back yard. A Swingset!!!! Carson loves it so much. He tries to sneak out the doggie door every morning to go "climb the ladder." He wants me to push him high. He will say no mom higher. So mom decided to push him just a little higher, and the next thing I heard was a thud. My poor baby fell off and hit his head. So now he is a little timid of the swing. I know he will fall a thousand more times off the swing set, but he is really bothered by it right now. Carson is going to start swim lessons for the first time. YIKES! I'm nervous, but between us It's b/c I will have to do it with him. (I hope the coach doesn't care I hold my nose) haha

Faith is still in school and she does not get out until June 3rd. So we are counting down the days. She is going to go to Camp Fire camp and stay a week at Britany's house. She is going to have so much fun. The following week she is going to go to volleyball camp and VBS. We are going to be busy busy.

As for me! I'm so excited for this weekend coming up! One of my best friends is turning the BIG 30! We are going to have a great girls weekend. Happy Birthday AMBER!!