Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faith's last Valentines Party

It's really hard for me to believe that Faith will be in middle school next year.  (FYI it's not called Jr. High anymore)  I said that the other day and she looked at me like I was crazy.  It's middle school.  I went to her Valenties party at school.  They had coke floats, did a craft project(like they always do) and passed out cards. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Petes Piano Bar

I love to go to Petes Piano Bar.  We planned a trip a few months back to go in February and get a hotel and stay.  We all met at the hotel and then went to Champs sports bar for dinner first and then headed to Petes.  I always have a great time when Im with these peeps.  I am ready to make plans to go again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

this week at the Fielder house

The snow and ice came again this week.  I only worked 2 days  and my kids only went to school one day.  I have NEVER experienced this.  NO school and work!  Not really how I want to spend my vacation time but hey I'm not driving on this stuff.  Just in case you don't know I DON'T and WILL NOT drive when the weather is like this.  My hubby took me the 2nd day I worked and a co-worker brought me home.  So we have enjoyed our vacation together hanging out at home.  Faith has been running around the hood with friends playing, and Carson has been doing crafts, watching movies, and playing games.  I  have also had the chance to finish my next piece of furniture.  and I LOVE IT just as much as my last one.  I told my hubby today, What can we do next!  So I will be looking. 

  Fun in the snow!!!

NOT so much!  ICE

Now on to my project.  I started with this nice yellow (bright Yellow) dresser that my parents had at their house.  I like to call it OLD YELLER.  It had 3 different types of knobs on it and probably 15 coats if yellow paint.  We sanded and sanded but still couldn't get the yellow paint off.

What a beauty!!

After we were done sanding and taking off the knobs we painted the entire dresser FLAT BLACK.  (I decided to spray paint this project, the last one I brushed)  So we painted and let dry!

Yes that is a frame that I am working on too!!

We then lightly sanded all of it and then started painting it gray! 

I forgot to take a picture of it all painted grey before i started glazing.  So lets skip to that.  I painted it all gray and then sanded the edges lightly and brushed and wiped all the dust off.  Then I took my glaze black paint and brushed over each drawer one at a time.  I let it set for a couple minutes and then wipe off with an old rag over and over until you get the look you are going for.

Here is the glaze (and the chip bag) haha It's hard not to eat eat eat while stuck in the house. Anyways!

 Here are my drawers!  You could still see some of the yellow after I glazed them, so I had to get crafty and mix grey and black acrylic paint and touch up the yellow.  But this is the outcome after that.  I LOVE them.  Then we moved the dresser inside wiped it down and then glazed it!

I had to put my drawers in immediately so I could see it all done.

Here you go!  All it needs now are the knobs.  So when I CAN get out of my driveway I will be going to get those.  So I guess being stuck in the house for a few days wasn't too bad.  I got to finish my project.  YAY