Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

Every Christmas we start our road trip to Wichita Falls. We always have a few stops to make when we get into town. I think we made 6 stops on Christmas Eve. (talk about exhausted, but worth it) Our last stop on Christmas Eve is at my grandparents house. We all try to make sure we dont miss that night. We have yummy food, good drinks and lots of laughs together as a family. Afterwards, we head back to my parents house to hang out for a bit before we put out the milk and cookies for Santa. This year my kids slept in on Christmas morning. I think it was 8 or so before they woke up. Us adults were already in the living room sipping on coffee, waiting on them to get up. When the kids finally got up they were so Excited to see what Santa had brought them. Carson got a bike and a new helmet. (Santa should have checked the size of that helmet a little better because it was too small) But thats ok, we just mailed it back to him and got a different one. Santa left Faith 2 Wii games and Wii draw.
We opened up presents and had breakfast and then got ready to spend the rest of the day with our family and traveling to Jeff's parents. We got to Jeff's parents house that night and had Christmas with his family. Of course we ate again and opened presents. Faith was so excited when she opened up hew New cell phone. She has been wanting one so bad, and we keep telling her she is too young for one. But guess what. We gave in and got her a phone.

The grandkids on Christmas Eve!

Cheers to Family and being together.

Faith and Nana

Papa and faith (she was getting tired of the pics she told me)

Brady and Carson. Heather got these shirts for them. So true.

Carson and Nana

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