Friday, June 10, 2011

Remember that dresser??

Well it’s finished!  Actually it has been done for a month now, but haven't gotten around to blogging.


Remember this?


Well I bought it on sale and got it home and repaired it.  It had a few places on it that needed to be fixed before I could start painting.


I had a hard time deciding on Red or Turquoise. Both would look great because the wall it is going on is STILL white and big. (hopefully that will be another project to get done in the future) I went with RED. I didn’t prime this dresser. I just sanded it a little, took the handles off, filled the knob holes and repaired a couple drawers. I used our new spray gun and some red paint from Home Depot(not sure the color).


002 (2)003 (2)

I decided to do glaze on this piece too. I love the way the glaze looks when finished and it covers up some of the imperfections on my hubbys paint job. (I found a few drips) But not going to complain because he was helping me out.

4005 (2)5

I really wanted to use the original knobs on the bottom 3 drawers but one of them was broken. So it wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to. We ended up drilling out the holes that I patched up. I wanted to put 2 on each side instead of one. I found some clear knobs at hobby lobby that had been antiqued, and they were half off and had 16 in stock. So that’s what I went with.


Dresser done!  I will be posting on the wall behind it that I finished this past weekend.  I LOVE IT!!

Side by Side

BEFORE                                                   AFTER


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