Thursday, June 9, 2011

May part 1

The End of the School year makes everyone busy with  parties, graduations, and any other activities you  have before school lets out.  My cousin Britany and her husband Brian both graduated from college.  So we headed to the big town of WF for a weekend of Fun.  That Friday night we went to eat with my parents at Bill’s catfish in Waurika, Ok.  It was just OK, I think it used to be a lot better when we used to go in college. (or maybe that’s because we had already been drinking on the way down)  FISHTRIP!!  Who’s in? 


Grammy and Pops bought Carson foam swords, and he had fun playing with them.  So much fun they both were broken before bedtime.  We got up early and took Carson over to Hayden’s house.  We figured he would have more fun playing with his friend than sitting at a graduation for a few hours.  I think they had a great time.


Thanks Amber for keeping Carson.  He had fun and I'm glad I got to see you.


After  graduation we went for a little family gathering and good Bar B Q .  It was yummy and really good to see everyone and hang out.  Congrats! Brit and Brian again. ha


Carson and Brady haven’t seen each other in a while, so Carson was excited to see him and play too.



Here are some Family pictures!.



Faith had her VERY last orchestra concert.  They have come along way this year, and now we will give the band a try. 


Geri was in town and was able to enjoy the concert.  Great job Faith!



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