Friday, December 10, 2010

My project

So I read way too many blogs, but Im addicted and cant stop. I love all kinds of blogs, family and friends, strangers I dont know and crafty project ones. My favorite things to read about are before and afters with furniture. I keep seeing junk turned into millions. So I got on craigslist found a piece of furniture and BAMM my hubby was driving to Keller to pick it up. (What a great guy) I paid $50.00 for a real wood dresser. This is what It looked like.

Me and hubby sanded it and used an off white paint. It took 2 coats. Half way point looked like this. I am leaving the top a dark wood color.

Next it was time to antique it. I researched this a lot because I had never done this and didnt want to totally mess it up and have to start over. So I found a glaze stain and painted over each part of the dresser and let it set for a few minutes. Then I took paper towels and wipped the stain off. The stain stayed in the cracks and gave the white a glaze look instead WHITE. After all the antiquing was done, we took the stain and gave the top 2 coats. A couple days later we finished it off with a clear coat, and this is my final project.

(Dont worry the chords are already hidden in the wall) Anyways, I LOVE IT! I am already planning on re-doing another piece of furniture for my bedroom. So when that project ever starts I will post it for you.

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