Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colorado Trip

Every summer we plan a family vacation.  We usually stay in Texas and find different places to go for a couple days, but this year we decided to go to Colorado for a week.  We were offered a cabin to stay in for free, so why not.  All we had to pay for was gas and food.  We were  ready to get away since the weather in Texas is 100+ and in Colorado it is a lot cooler.  (Actually there were times I kept saying burrrrr I'm cold. haha)  Faith took her friend Ashley with her, and I took my friend Geri with me and made it a road trip.  Watch out Colorado her we come!!


On our way to Colorado and we made a stop in New Mexico to take a quick picture and eat lunch. (my husband was thrilled about the picture)


My parents let us take their Expedition.  Thank goodness, because we had it loaded down.  (Griswolds)


Here is the place we stayed at.  They had a BIG beautiful log house with a BIG apartment behind it.  It was so pretty there.  It was kind of breath taking. (don’t laugh)


Faith and her friend Ashley.


There were “Chick” munks everywhere. (as Carson would say)  They would come up to you and let you feed them.  Carson wanted to take one back home with us.  We told him if he could catch one then he could take one home. haha  That did not happen. they are too fast.




The beautiful Aspens!  I wish we had some of these in Texas.


We did a lot of sight seeing, walking and climbing mountains.


We had to get the crazy kids some crazy hats.


I can’t believe we found snow still on the ground.




It was really cold on the top of this mountain.


We took a horse ride for an hour.  (If I would have known before hand it was going to be up a mountain, you can bet I wouldn’t have done it)  The kids did great.


This is me scared to death on my “wild ass horse”  The lady told me if my horse was human he would be a communist.  GREAT LADY give that one to me.


We went to the sand dunes and slid down them.  It was HOT and a lot of work. 


We had a wonderful time on our family vacation and really enjoyed Colorado.

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