Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Makeover

I am addicted now!  I cant stop looking for old or ugly furniture to makeover.  (maybe this will be a new career for me) shhh don't tell my hubby until I figure out all the details.  I have decided that each room in my house needs a little TLC.  I made a list of what I would like to do in each room, and decided to start with the entry way.  It's pretty boring and needs a little work.  I am going to paint the walls possibly a dark grey( I'm into Grey right now). Hopefully  talk my hubby into putting up some bead board, and fix up this old dresser I found at a shop last weekend, and hang some stuff on the wall.  Here is what the area looks like now!

This is what my entry way looks like right now!!  Dont make fun of the frame.  My idea was to make something for every Holiday or season to go in the middle of the huge frame.  I think it's a cute idea but it looks lonely.

This is my new project for my entry way!  Stay Tuned.

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