Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been a while!

I have been so busy with the kids, full time job, Twist of Dazzle, sports, and reading EVERYONE elses blog that I never have time or the desire to write on mine. I have been reading on others how they use their blog as a scrapbook. I never looked at it like that, (not sure why) ha but I think I will try my best to update atleast 2times a month so I can have some memories too. Faith is a very bright girl. She has made double AA honor roll every 6 weeks but 2. We are so proud how smart she is. She is very stonged willed and these 2 traits hopefully will turn her into a powerful lady someday and will take her far in life. Well School is almost out! (This is the time of year that I wish I was a school teacher). Faith will be in the 5th grade. Oh my goodness time sure does fly by. She has decided she wants to be in the orchestra next year. Im really glad, because it will give her the chance to be a part of something before she enter middle school. Even if she doesn't like and want to continue on, atleast it will be good for her. Faith enjoys playing softball and is pretty good when she wants to be! It's weird at times watching her play, b/c I remember playing growing up and my dad was the coach, and he was a great coach and disciplined. So sometimes I think man she needs my dad as her coach, or me. haha Don't get me wrong, her coaches are great, but ours were the best and taught us so much. Hopefully with time and age she will grow to love softball as much as I did. Her last game is this Tuesday coming up, and then we will be school and sport free for a few months.

Carson has been playing Blastball. Im so glad I signed him up for this, b/c he loves being outside and has so much fun playing. It's good for him. This summer I will attempt to do swim lessons again. (for me and Carson) haha If any of my friends actually read this they will get a laugh out of that. I don't want Carson to be scared of the water like I was and still am. But I am already worried thinking about do lessons again this summer. So maybe it is more for me after all. Carson is so funny! He says the funniest things and keeps me laughing all the time. Not always things that he needs to be saying, but things that suprise me when it comes out of his mouth. Here are a few things he has said to me. He has told me that I am ridiculous, that he is allergic to pork chops, a few choice of bad words, and has completely embarrassed me by asking a heavy lady if she had a baby in her tummy. I thought I was going to die. So we have talks alot now about what people look like and that not all people look the same and NOT to say your thoughts out loud. It amazes me everyday how smart this 3 year old. I'm just sadden how fast he is growing up.

As for me and Jeff we are doing just great. We are going on a vacation in August to Cancun and are so excited. We are going for the whole week, and can not wait to be there. Hopefully this year I wont fry. Here are a few recent pictures!

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